about $168,000 a month va is higher

the government

answer question


yes i can handle it, the reason i think i can handle it is because im tough and i can handle a lot of things like this and make it through so yes i can handle it.

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1  taxes=money that the government takes out of you check

2 income tax=money you recieve from paying taxes

3  property tax real estate

4 tax base abase for a tax

5  entitlement=something your untitled to

6 means tes ted =tested means

7 capital budget saving

8 budget saving

9 saving = putting money away

10 money =spending


do now


by a lot of different things and taxation is one of them they meet the needs of people by helping a lot , the federal government sometimes helps a lot  the needs of the government is high and taxation meets their needs by giving them tax income by paying your taxes you get money back by paying them and recieving back more than ever and when you pay your taxes you get pretty good credit for it taxation meets the needs of people in a lot of ways so by  meeting the needs of others in taxation it helps a lot and in a lot of ways and also in big ways. and whenever people need something they are always their